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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Programming and Consulting

  • Microsoft Speech Server (MSS Speech Server 2004 & 2007)

  • Nortel Periphonics IVR (MPS, VPS, BCM platforms)

  • Nuance Speech Recognition (various IVR platforms)

  • Envox CT ADE




Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - Programming and Consulting

  • Nortel TAPI, Symposium Agent, and Host Data Exchange (HDX) for Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS)

  • Nortel LAN CTE (BCM Platform)

  • Envox CT Connect, Envox Call Information Manager (CIM)

  • Nortel Meridian/Succession configuration and programming for various CTI interfaces - Meridian Link and Symposium Link Services.  Advanced Symposium Link and Meridian Link diagnostics and traces to resolve CTI interface issues.





SERIO provides Host Data Exchange (HDX) integration development to allow Nortel's Contact Center Manager (CCM) and Nortel's Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS) scripts to be integrated to various third-party components.


The Nortel Meridian PBX / Nortel Succession PBX offer a CTI interface via Meridian Link Services or Symposium Link Services.  Our engineers can help configure the Meridian Link Service or Symposium Link Service to allow your CTI system to receive the appropriate telephony information.  We offer advanced Meridian Link Service and Symposium Link Service configuration, run diagnostics, trace generation and troubleshooting of trace files to resolve link issues. 


You have properly configured the AST setting of the PBX and have the correct IAPG setting configured but are still not getting the appropriate CTI information.  We can help with changes to the Nortel PBX programming or Nortel PBX configuration, run trace logs and verify the Meridian Link / Symposium Link CTI information provided by the link.  We will run the proper diagnostic tools to resolve the CTI link issue.  Ask us how we can help you with your Nortel CTI project.


Our Connectivity Portal (CP) for Nortel's Contact Center Manager (CCM) and Nortel's Symposium Call Center Manager (SCCS) leverages the Host Data Exchange (HDX) API to allow your CCM and SCCS scripts to communicate with virtually any external system.  The Connectivity Portal (CP) eliminates the need for custom Host Data Exchange (HDX) development and integration, just install the application and configure it, and the CCM/SCCS scripts are ready to communicate with external systems (example: send emails, update databases, call third-party APIs etc...).  Abandoned calls can be easily tracked and reported to offer your callers superior customer service.  If a call abandon occurs, the Connectivity Portal can be used to log the call and optionally schedule a call back via a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or helpdesk application. 


We offer consultation, development, and integration services for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) solutions on various platforms including Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) Release 2004 R2, MSS 2007, and Nuance Speech Recognition for various IVR platforms.


We also consult, develop, and offer integration services for various Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) platforms including Envox CT Connect (CTC), Nortel Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI), Nortel Symposium Agent, and LAN CTE for the Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) platforms.


Our professional services team offers custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development on the various Nortel IVR platforms (MPS, VPS, Business Communication Manager - BCM), the Envox CT ADE platform, and various Voice XML or VXML platforms.  Contact us to know more about how we can help you.


IVR Development          SERIO Contact Center Solutions

CTI Development



IVR Development and Consulting

SERIO specializes in the design, development and implementation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice Response Units (VRU).  Our team has vast experience in the contact center / call center space.  Our team can help you with you IVR projects.  Whether you need contact center analysis, call center consulting, IVR programming, or Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) programming our team is available to help you.


  • Contact Center Analysis and Consulting

    Your contact center has specific needs, and you would like to implement a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or upgrade your current IVR system and your Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution.  Our consultants can evaluate your needs, analyze your contact center infrastructure and provide you with a solution to meet your contact center needs.  Our many solutions and vast experience can help reduce overall project cost and uncertainties.


  • IVR Programming / Application Development

    Our engineers have vast experience on various IVR platforms.  Whether you would like to do more with your current IVR platform, or whether you are looking to implement a brand new IVR, we can provide you with the IVR development required to meet your contact center needs.  Our engineers have IVR programming experience using Voice XML (VXML), Nortel Periphonics or Peri Producer, Speech Application Language Tags (SALT), and Envox CT ADE.  We are continuously working with partners to keep our engineers trained on the latest IVR technologies.


  • CTI Programming / Application Development

    Our engineers have vast experience on various IVR and CTI platforms.  Whether you would like to do more with your IVR project, or whether you need to tie into your CTI infrastructure.  Our team can provide the required CTI development to integrate your IVR with the CTI infrastructure.  Our engineers can provide CTI programming to interface your IVR with the CTI infrastructure.  Our CTI solutions can seamlessly integrate your IVR and CTI infrastructure allowing the IVR to retrieve call information, set caller information, and provide the contact center agent with the information via a "screen pop" during an inbound call offer.


  •  IVR and CTI Products

    Our many IVR and CTI products will help reduce the IVR development costs and CTI development costs, and reduce the overall implementation time.  Our solutions have been tested in various implementations offering you much more stable and solid solutions with less production issues.